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Dynotech Drive Shafts "Keeping you ahead of the competition"

Written by StangFreak News Editor Aug 08, 2011 at 12:47 PM
Looking to upgrade the driveshaft on your 05 and up V8 or V6 Stang?  Then look no further than Dynotech Driveshafts!

Dynotech Engineering services offers lightweight custom driveshafts for your Ford Mustang

TROY, Mich. – For performance-oriented Ford Mustang owners looking to feed their need for speed, Dynotech Engineering Services has developed a new custom replacement driveshaft that is up to 55 percent lighter than stock.
          Dynotech’s Mustang Driveshaft is a lightweight, one-piece replacement shaft for the OEM production two-piece driveshaft.  Available in steel or aluminum, the driveshaft is offered for 2005-2011 model years Mustangs with fitments for the GT or GT 500 application.  Dynotech can also build custom driveshafts for all pre-2005 model year Mustangs.
“Whether it’s used in a street, drag or road racing application, our newest reduced-weight driveshaft is the perfect upgrade for Mustang GT enthusiasts seeking improved overall performance,” said Steve Raymond, general manager, Dynotech Engineering Services.  “By replacing the Mustang’s traditional all-steel, two-section driveshaft with our one-piece design, we deliver a significantly lower weight product that – like all of our driveshafts – is hand assembled, computer welded and high-speed balanced to the highest standards in the industry.”
The custom Dynotech Mustang Driveshaft comes in two construction designs: drawnover mandrel (DOM) steel or 6061 aluminum.  The DOM steel model has a 3.5-inch diameter, 0.083-inch wall thickness and, at 13 lbs. lighter than stock, is perfect for street and some drag applications.  Dynotech’s 6061 aluminum Mustang Driveshaft is available as standard with a 3.5-inch diameter and 0.125-inch wall thickness, or heavy-duty with a 4.0-inch diameter and 0.125-inch wall thickness.  Ideally suited for street, drag and road racing use, the aluminum model weighs 21 lbs. less than stock.
Dynotech’s aluminum Mustang Driveshaft is favored by speed shops across the U.S. and is used in the Ford Racing “Cobra Jet” drag cars.  Both the steel and aluminum models include computer welding, high-speed balancing, CV adapter, mounting bolts and free shipping within the continental U.S.  To learn more about Dynotech driveshaft products and services, please visit


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